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    The Leading End-to-End Real Estate Software Platform

    MACRO is a game-changing solution that combines the benefits of PropTech and ConTech, as well as ERP and CRM functionalities. With this innovative software, real estate developers can streamline their processes and maximize their efficiency.

    Whatever your role is, we’ve got you covered

    At MACRO, our vision is to be the leading provider of innovative and comprehensive real estate CRM and real estate ERP solutions for the real estate developers and construction industries.

    The Leading Real Estate CRM

    Enhance customer experience and gain comprehensive client insight with Freshsales, a reliable real estate CRM

    Perfect For Clients, Tenders & Brokerages

    Show your customers the actual real estate stock with MacroPortals. Get warm leads and manage online your real estate objects!

    Construction Management Software

    Take control of construction outcomes, minimize risk and protect profits with MACRO's top-rated construction management platform.

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    ERP vs CRM

    In the world of business, there are two key software systems that can help you manage different aspects of your operations: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). While both these systems play an important role in managing a company's day-to-day activities, they serve different purposes and are designed to address different business needs.

    Manage every aspect of your business in a single, affordable solution.

    MACRO all-in-one solution facilitates the provision of real-time updates across integrated platforms for developers, property agencies, real estate brokers, and clients.


    Mordovin EV
    Project Manager UMMC Developer
    We successfully use MacroCRM to implement 4 residential projects. MacroCRM helps us structure and manage the range of real estate, control the receipt of payments for each project under construction, optimize the process of preparing and agreeing contracts. MacroCRM helps to reduce inefficient routine operations of sales managers, and in return provides a convenient tool for the presentation of real estate, reminding of the planned business and allowing you to concentrate on improving the quality of communication with the client. We highly appreciate the relationship with MacroCRM employees, their professionalism, speed of work and level of competence.
    The main advantage is that any employee can work in the system, because it's technically simple. You can monitor all construction sites in real time and manage processes in a timely manner. None of the other considered systems satisfied our needs.
    Head of Marketing Kameya
    I am sure that MacroCRM is able to cover most of the tasks of developers. The ability to build work on a single platform and no longer rush between systems makes the CRM tool a part of business processes.
    Director at Mera company
    We always know what is happening at the project online. What we expect, when we expect, from whom, for whom... All this is transparent for the supply department and greatly saves resources.

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