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    Premier Real Estate CRM

    MacroCRM is a cloud-based and customized Customer Relationship Management platform for real estate developers. It's built for agents, investors, and project owners who have multiple projects and properties to manage and communicate.

    Real Estate CRM Software

    All-In-One Solution

    Keep all prospect interactions in one place with our CRM. Easily track the progress of each lead and determine if the deal is approaching closure.

    Manage your projects availability

    MacroCRM provides a multi-functional approach to manage stock and unit availability, utilizing a chess-plated layout to organize buildings and units by floor. It also enables quick development and adjustment of buildings and units.

    Dynamic pricing

    Manage Pricing and Dynamic pricing module helps property developer to sell with the maximum profit.

    Customized presentation for clients

    Create custom brochures for clients that include layout, pictures, videos, location, and payment plans.

    Easy and effective

    Enables the booking of apartments for clients in just one click.

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      Optimize and streamline your customer experience

      From Acquisition To Key Handover

      Improve Marketing Effectiveness
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      • Use interactive catalogs & auto-generated presentations for better engagement.
      • Give clients a cabinet for booking & transaction control.
      • Track & analyze lead sources, conversions & quality with internal reports.
      • Integrate call tracking, SMS, social networks & BI analytics for insights & optimization.
      Boosting Sales Force Efficiency
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      • Real Estate Sales Pipeline Optimization.
      • Implementing Optimal Call Routing Scenarios.
      • Controlling Transaction Timing.
      • Tracking Conversion Rates and Task Deadlines.
      • Evaluating Sales Performance and Forecasting Sales based on Multiple parameters.
      Property Management System
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      • One-click price adjustment project for streamlined pricing management.
      • Efficient assortment management to ensure optimal stock levels.
      • Strategies for managing secondary real estate.
      • Streamlined procedures for apartment booking.
      • Comprehensive report on unsold properties.
      • Key transfer module for smooth and efficient handovers.
      Efficient Transaction Management
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      • Automate contract and SPA generation.
      • Facilitate online negotiation of transaction terms and contracts.
      • Offer various deal-concluding scenarios.
      • Implement deal cancellation.
      • Maintain accounting documents.
      Analyse Data for Business Success
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      • Use gains and losses report to identify potential areas of growth and improvement.
      • Evaluate sales according to specified criteria for targeted decision-making.
      • Assess the financial activities of the company with a detailed report for better financial management.
      • Keep track of accounts receivable through regular reports.
      • Leverage built in management dashboards for quick insights.

      More than +260 developers in 5 Countries using MACRO Real-estate solutions


      What sets MacroCRM apart from other CRMs?
      MacroCRM is the only CRM tailored to the real estate industry that enables users to customize a range of scenarios. These include managing both paid and unpaid reservations, tracking accounts receivable, and generating various documents from templates directly within the CRM. Additionally, the program offers support for trade-in and concession workflows, the creation of mass contracts, key handovers, and task tracking.
      Can apartment prices be quickly changed in the program?
      Yes, apartment prices can be promptly changed in the CRM. To facilitate this process, a special tool called "Price" has been developed within the system. By selecting the desired segments of apartments on the chessboard, you can quickly and easily adjust the prices of the lots according to your preferred scenario with just one click.
      If we have any questions after implementing the system, who can assist us?
      We are always here to help! You can ask any questions related to system usage in the Telegram chat of our technical support team, specifically created for your company. You will receive answers from our CS on our team, not automated responses. Furthermore, our customer service department staff can assist you in exploring all the features of the CRM system and provide recommendations for optimizing your internal business processes.
      How is data security ensured?
      Ensuring the security of data is a top priority for us. To prevent data loss from technical failures, we store company files in four parallel copies. Furthermore, we take daily backups to prepare for unforeseen circumstances. Our servers use SSL data encryption to prevent any third-party interception, ensuring complete privacy and security for our clients' information.

      Accelerate Your Workflow and Boost Transparency with a CRM Designed for Developers


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