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    Real Estate ERP Software

    MacroERP is a comprehensive construction management software  designed to simplify and automate various tasks involved in construction projects. Empowering Construction and Property Development Companies through a Digital Platform

    Enhance Construction Efficiency with an Automated Management System

    • Monitor work execution and payment for the construction services.
    • Minimize construction downtime.
    • Streamline workflow for optimized efficiency.
    • Manage project costs through both planning and factual analyses.
    • Monitoring the timely delivery of materials.
    • Prevent data loss during inter-departmental information transfer.

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      Optimize Project Management with an All-in-One Platform

      Control your work schedule
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      • Construction project schedule management
      • Quality control
      • Project Manager Reporting Templates
      Optimize your workflow
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      • Digitize Document Approval
      • Associate Documents with Contractors and Work Types for Easy reference
      • Manage Work and Payment Control for Completed construction Services
      • Maintain Comprehensive Records of Contracts with approval history
      Manage Resources
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      • Develop a supply plan for construction materials
      • Establish material constraints for construction projects
      • Manage orders and control material usage
      • Receive and approve materials at the construction site
      Control Your Finances with Ease
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      • Simplify financial calculations by tracking income and expenses online
      • Manage payment due dates efficiently
      • Automate accounting of income and expenses for increased accuracy
      • Stay updated on current balances for settlement accounts

      More than +260 developers in 5 Countries using MACRO Real-estate solutions


      Are you currently using a different system?
      Does your current solution allow you to manage all processes, from document management to production scheduling and project cost control, within a single platform? It's convenient when all necessary construction data is accessible through one system.
      Have you invested a lot of resources into your current solution and feel hesitant to abandon the work you've already done?
      Perhaps you're here because you're tired of investing your time and money into constantly improving your system. Do you wish you had a way to directly propose improvements to the developers? MacroERP is tailored to the needs of developers and is continuously evolving to meet the growing demands of the construction industry. We listen to the evolving needs of builders and strive to offer solutions that meet their requirements.
      What about integrations?
      MacroERP seamlessly integrates with industry-specific products such as 1C, GrandSmeta, and RiK. Users can transfer data either semi-automatically or automatically. In cases where integration with other services is needed, MacroERP's developers can create custom integrations as per requirements.
      How much does the system cost?
      The implementation cost depends on the configuration of modules and the number of construction projects.Our specialists will demonstrate the capabilities of the system and help you select the solution that you need at the specific stage of automation.

      Start the process of achieving optimal construction automation efficiency


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